Harmony Equestrian Center, LLC strives to provide a high quality, equestrian education to all students, creating well rounded horse people, not just riders. A horse person truly cares for and understands the horse, and enjoys the many qualities of theses magnificant creatures. During your lessons at HEC not only will you learn to ride, but also:

• how to properly catch and lead a horse
• how to understand their body language (i.e. ear position, chewing, etc.)
• how to properly groom and tack your horse
• and many, many other topics

You will be able to track your progress and understand the skills required to reach the next level with our Levels Program. At Harmony Equestrian Center you will earn a Certificate of Achievement for each level accomplished. More information on HEC’s Levels Program will be coming to the website soon.

Lessons may be bought on an indvidual basis or in packages. Lesson prices are subject to change. Please see the attached brochure for details, or give Stacey a call at 978-618-3273.

Harmony Equestrian Lessons Brochure